I annoyed Google! Go me!

I’m too impatient to wait for Calculator.app to load, or for the Calculator dashboard widget to catch up with me. The solution? Google.

If my computer is turned on, there’s generally a web browser open. Google Calculator meets my needs, and it’s faster than opening a local app or taking my boots off (if I need to count past 10).The downside? Apparently it annoys Google if you do it a lot:

I annoyed Google! Go me!

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Pink and Portable – WD’s Passport goes Pink for October

El Reg has a quick blurb about Western Digital’s Passport portable hard drive.

WD’s Pink Passport
Looks like a nice little unit: 250GB, USB2.0, &c.

As part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, WD will make a dontation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for each pink Passport drive sold. Going one step further than most, WD’s donations will continue beyond month’s end – they will continue until February 29.