Social networking updates on Rosebleed

I’ve been updating the social networking features on Rosebleed. Most of the changes are not immediately visible, but they’re nifty:
I’ve rolled out microformat markup all over the site – user profiles are now hcard-enabled and the friendslist is marked up with hCard+XFN.
I also implemented FOAF profiles with autodiscovery, much like that provided by LiveJournal (for a cool FOAF tool, check out the FOAF Explorer).

Still in the works on the SN side is implementing OpenID for logins and order tracking, and hCard, hCard+XFN and FOAF profile-pulling.

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Site Update

Well, I’ve joined the 21st century and retired my home-rolled site management system.
I’ve moved the majority of my previous content over to use WordPress 2.2.2 (yes, with proper redirects…), and will be finishing up over the next little while.
The new system has quite a few modernizations: tags, comments, trackback (I’ve been planning to implement trackbacks for a while, both for here and for Rosebleed; never got around to it), XFN (in the “blogroll” for now, it will grow), and OpenID authentication for comments.

* Note WRT OpenID auth: The OpenID plugin I’m using doesn’t seem to play well with ClaimID identities – when you post and authenticate at the same time, it works fine. If you try to post when already logged in, something breaks and it goes into an eternal redirect loop.

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