Roosenmaallen.com is owned and operated by me, Eddie Roosenmaallen.

By day, I’m the Release Manager and a senior developer on the Core team at Distributive (née Kings Distributed Systems). We build a distributed computing platform aimed at enabling powerful parallel computing for science, medicine, and industry, with an especial eye to making it accessible to underserved communities.

Personally, I’m a queer and genderqueer socialist. I believe in working together to improve all our lives. Family and community; sharing of knowledge and fair use of resources; punch a nazi and guillotine an oligarch.

Computers and programming have fascinated me since the late 80s when I was given an old 8088 PC clone with MS-DOS and IBM BASICA. It’s been an exciting ride, watching computers grow up and transform the world — the Commodore 64 was released the year I was born; the Internet caught on while I was in high school; I’ve watched regimes rise and fall on the power of social media.

I’ve been Extremely Online as long as that has been a thing: mIRC and ICQ in the 90s, MySpace and LiveJournal in the aughts, and I have at least dipped my toe in the modern(-ish, TikTok is where my kid hangs out) networks.

The fediverse has become my home on the socials; I’m on Mastodon at @silvermoon82@strangeobject.space.

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