Initial release: “Follow on Mastodon” widget

I've made a widget to make it easier for visitors to follow federated blogs and such on . It presents a dialog to ask for their instance URL and confirm the account they are invited to follow, then sends them to a page on their instance to make it happen.

It's available for anyone to use; just link your visitor to

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MastoBot 0.1.0-2

I've published another prerelease of to ; this prerelease expands coverage of the MastoBotAPI class and significantly improves method documentation coverage.

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Modern Fairytale – Marina V

The album has a dreamy, emotional feel, well suited to the title. The songs are all deeply personal, largely based on Marina’s experiences in touring and in growing up

Modern Fairytale

Artist: Marina V
Release Date: January 2008
Overall Rating: Five Stars

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