Initial Release: Masto-DL

After seeing several people ask about a tool to download their toots, I’ve started building one.

Masto-DL will archive all your toots into individual json files to grep and analyze to your heart’s content.

After seeing several people ask about a tool to download their toots, I’ve started putting together a tool to do just that.

Masto-DL will archive all your toots into individual files (json right now, yaml to come, more as needed/requested).

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Advertising on the Fediverse

It would be mind-bogglingly difficult to build an ethical ad platform that would be accepted by the Fedi community.

(original thread starts at

I imagine there’s some huge panic going on in the ad industry right now; birbsite was, until last month, one of the major outlets for advertising, but a) advertisers don’t want to appear beside Nazi shit, and b) the eyeballs are moving to the “Lawless hellscape of no use to anybody for advertising”.

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CheerLights: Let’s Glow Together

Not long ago, I read about a cute IoT project, CheerLights. It’s a network of RGB lights that all change colour together, coordinated by a Twitter bot. The idea is that we all rig up RGB lights of some description, then when someone pings the Twitter bot they all change in sync; just a nice little community togetherness thing. It’s adorable and I love it.

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Full 1.0.0 release: Fedi-follow Widget

My Fedi-Follow widget is ready for a full 1.0.0 release!

The widget provides an interface for Fediverse users to easily follow or share a url from their home instance. It’s the first stage in my plan to make it easier to integrate Fediverse sharing and following into other platforms, like WordPress or other site engines.

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Initial release: “Follow on Mastodon” widget

I've made a widget to make it easier for visitors to follow federated blogs and such on . It presents a dialog to ask for their instance URL and confirm the account they are invited to follow, then sends them to a page on their instance to make it happen.

It's available for anyone to use; just link your visitor to

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Open-Source: Covidbot-Ontario

I built a to post local numbers. In the process, I found Ontario Public Health's data feeds and ended up building something much more generic and reusable than I initially intended. Aside from the very local hospitalization and ICU numbers from KHSC, the Ontario feeds can be filtered to be useful anywhere in the province.

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MastoBot 0.1.0-2

I've published another prerelease of to ; this prerelease expands coverage of the MastoBotAPI class and significantly improves method documentation coverage.

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MastoBot Documentation!

I'm bad at documentation, so in I'm making a concerted effort to be mindful of it.

Enter tooling! I'm using with Pages and CI.

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