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I'm bad at documentation, so in I'm making a concerted effort to be mindful of it.

Enter tooling! I'm using with Pages and CI.

On the writing side, JSDoc was an obvious choice. I already habitually write JSDoc-shaped comments, so cleaning that up is just a matter of mindfulness, along with consistently documenting methods.

Keeping the published docs up to date is automated using CI and Pages. On every push to develop, GitLab will run the library through JSDoc and publish the output to

The result?

It's a work in progress, but I've automated it enough that keeping the documentation moving forward doesn't burden me, so it'll get done.

Author: Eddie Roosenmaallen

By day I'm the Release Manager at Distributive; I help build the Distributed Compute Protocol at In my off time I explore Linux, JavaScript and the web, and I try to share some of my knowledge and some of my humour online.

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