Happy Pride Month!

Image by https://www.behance.net/aliciamula

It’s June again, Pride month.

It’s a time to celebrate; to celebrate ourselves and each other, the community we build, and the progress we’ve made.

It’s a time to remember; to remember the victims of hate, to remember those who came before us and fought for the rights we have today.

It’s a time to stand up; to stand shoulder to shoulder, to support one another. Stonewall was a riot! We stood up together, said “no more”, got loud, and set some shit on fire. Nothing comes easy, and the world hasn’t given us anything for free – change and progress take time and will.

There’s a lot going on these days, and we still have a long way to go. Canada has only recently banned conversion therapy; places like Texas and Florida have declared war on us and our children. Take the time to celebrate how far we’ve come, but never forget that we’re not done yet. We have more to fight for, but we have a community to stand together, support one another, and to love each other, and that counts for a lot.

iPad as a Dev Console, Part 1: SSH

I recently got an iPad to replace my venerable Huawei tablet, and I’ve been exploring how to use it for dev work.

I work mostly in on Linux, so my requirements are pretty modest:

  • ssh terminal
  • sftp for file management
  • editor with sftp
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MastoBot 0.1.0-2

I’ve published another prerelease of # to ; this prerelease expands coverage of the MastoBotAPI class and significantly improves method documentation coverage.

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Collect a keypress in a bash githook

After a flurry of accidental pushes direct to the main branch at work, I decided we need a technical solution. The obvious answer would be to use GitLab’s protected branches, but that’s not practical at our org. Next best: a to check the branch one is committing to, and have the user confirm or cancel as the case may be.

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